Gear Sale 2015

It's time for the annual spring cleaning rummage through the gear closet. It's hard to let go of cherished equipment, but it's always good to take a look at what is and is not being used. Ultimately, I'd rather see some of it put to good use on a trail by someone else rather than have it sitting downstairs in my basement.

How many backpacks does one need? I've now narrowed it down to two.  So this year I made the difficult decision to part with three choice backpacks - two of which originate from the USA, so if you're in the EU you can save yourself a ton of import duties and taxes.

There's also a little photography gear which those of a photographic bent might find useful (even if the tripod isn't exactly ultralight).


Original Laufbursche huckePACK – SOLD

Now that I have the latest 2104 redesign of the huckePACK, I can't really justify keeping the original version. It's in excellent condition, having only been used on a few short trips. The size is XL, for torso lengths between 54-60cm. It has a capacity of 46l (57l maximum), and comes with two 1.5l hip belt pockets. It weighs about 550g in total.

Price: SOLD



Gossamer Gear Mariposa — SOLD

When Gossamer Gear radically redesigned the Mariposa in 2012, they came up with a classic new interpretation of a hardy ultralight pack. Featuring a removable internal stay, voluminous side pockets, and a large mesh front pocket for stashing wet tarps, it's a great pack, and, frankly, a little hard to let go of.

It's a size large, with a medium hip belt. It has a huge 69l capacity, and weighs in at around 725g without the 50g sit pad (included). I found it great for slightly larger loads, and as a less technical winter pack. It is also in excellent condition.

Price: SOLD


ULA Epic - SOLD!

I bought the ULA Epic for packrafting purposes, but don't really use it. In fact, I've only taken it out on a single trip.

It's another classic pack that fits the purpose, and is also a large with medium belt. It comes with the Sea-To-Summit Drybag.

Price: SOLD 


Ortlieb Aquazoom Camera Case - SOLD!

Potentially of more interest to the ultralight backpacker or packrafter, this DSLR case is totally waterproof, lightweight, but heavy duty. Ortlieb are the name in waterproof bags. The Aquazoom is a very minimal bag that can be hip or chest mounted, as well as used with the strap. Access is quick through the waterproof closure, and it comes with lubricant for the zipper too. There is simple padding inside to protect the camera. I've used it on two trips, but it is still in excellent condition. It will just about carry a D800 with 28-300 lens. I upgraded to a V-Shot as I usually like to carry a few filters etc., and the Aquazoom didin't have enough rom for all that. 

Price: SOLD


All items are now sold.