Merry Christmas, or as we say in Finland...

'Tis verily busy here in Rovaniemi. Dings are donging merrily on high, and the big fella in the red coat is about to head off once more.

This year, the BBC are doing a live broadcast from Santa's village for something like three days. I was asked to take part, and listeners in the UK can tune in to hear my velvety-smooth radio voice in an interview which should take place around 11:00am (GMT) on Christmas Day. Those with nothing better to do on the big day can probably seek it out online.

Until then, and probably until next year (and I promise – really, honest, Santa – the next part of Ultralight Makeover will appear like magic down your digital chimney in January), I wish you all happy holidays, merry christmasses, spectacular hiking new years, and good tidings to one and all from sunsetty Rovaniemi.