November ain't no place for a hiking blog

November. Not the greatest month Finland has to offer, unless you happen to like the combination of rain on ice and ever-increasing darkness. After what seems an eternity of walking the dog around treacherous, ice-covered paths in the gloom, it's hard to believe that only a few days ago it looked like this:

I'd take a picture of what it looks like now by way of comparison, but I don't want to depress anyone. Hopefully, it won't be long before the snow returns.

November also seems to be the month where everything happens at once – at least for me. This time last year we were about to make the trans-atlantic move back to Finland from Minneapolis. This year I have so much on my plate it's hard to decide which greasy morsel to tuck into first. One thing is clear though: the blog has to take a back seat.

Rather than neglect it altogether, though, I've put it on the back burner and concocted a few brief posts to bring you up to speed on events and other items of interest that have been occurring in my mysterious absence. These posts will (hopefully) appear magically as I slave away over an art installation down in Helsinki during the next week.

When I get back, we'll see if we can get things cookin' again, and put an end to these appalling culinary metaphors. Who knows, maybe even some trips! Wouldn't that be crazy?