New paths from old

Time to take the dog out again. I can see him itching to run after a few days of short walks. I remember a path I've never taken in Vennivaara, and quickly check the online maps. Surprise, surprise... there's a laavu! Excellent! An opportunity to stop for a coffee and test out a new accessory for my BushBuddy.

Decision made. Off we go.

Damaged duckboards, roots, forest wetland, rocks... Since the arrival of the


, I find myself closely analysing every path I trail for potential bikepacking possibilities. This one would definitely be classed as technical, but I see the unmistakeable tracks of previous riders, so not impossible.

It's exciting to reassess familiar trails in light of new opportunities. With a packraft and a fatbike, the world opens up. An 18km one-way trail which would make a pretty good day hike becomes part of a larger loop on a bike. Throw in a lake or stream and I've got myself a nice little overnighter, right on my doorstep.

This makes me smile.

I continue to explore the new trail. Bright green grass sways verdant near a stream. Cloudberries ripen in the dappled sunshine. Sphagnum moss covers the mires and wetlands, springing underfoot. Rufus takes a dip and bounces around, mad with joy.

Summer is in full swing.