Google: Disconnecting People

In a blatant attempt to drive people towards its social ghost town Google+, Google is (and at the same time isn't, or at least might not be) dropping Google Friend Connect as of March 1st, 2012. Before anyone says "the Mayans were right!" let it be known that it will (probably) keep working on blogger sites, which is where Backpacking North is currently located.

So, if at some point you signed up using the widget in the side column that looks something like this...

Well... if you did all I can say is the Mayans were  right. I hope you have several enormous floating arks built in the Himalayas because your world is about to end.

Or alternatively you could resubscribe using one of the following services: Backpacking North RSS feed (e.g. Google Reader or other RSS clients) Facebook (which features all the posts, but I don't really use it, and my goodness, what an ugly logo) Nordic Lightpacking (which has a quite nice logo) Nordic Lightpacking on Facebook or Backpacking North on Twitter

Right, that should just about have you covered.

Oh, I almost forgot: Backpacking North on Google+

But I encourage you to avoid Google+ it simply because any company that has "Don't Be Evil" as its corporate slogan is implicitly acknowledging that they already are.

And with that, good night.