Thoughts for the Days Ahead (Part 1)

Yesterday I received a message on Twitter from a very wise man. While pondering the meaning of the message I decided to pour myself a beer - it had been an unusually stressful day. As I closed the fridge door, my eyes fell upon a fridge magnet, which seemed to answer the implied question that the message posed.

Synchronicity? Not exactly, but an interesting moment in which the universe seemed to answer itself.

Here's the fridge magnet, with the message as a caption. Make of it what you will...

"You could spend you're whole life waitin' around and watching your pals packraft via twitter or ... !"

No, I'm not buying a packraft just yet. The point is that it's easy to sit around while other people do all the cool stuff.

Recently, for one reason or another, I've not been able to get out as much as I would like, or as long as I would like. What Snufkin seemed to be telling me (Snufkin is also quite wise, as it happens) is that there is all this out there . It doesn't matter how long you go for, how far you go. it isn't about achieving something. It isn't about getting out there because you need to write something for your blog (I have the super power to create guilt for myself out of nothing).

It's just about getting out. When you can. For as long or as short as you are able.

Two nights. A week. A day. An afternoon. An hour.

It doesn't matter.

Then a post on Adventure In Progress about hitting the reset button grabbed my attention, continuing my stream of thoughts - the results of which I will write about more... in part 2.

Until then...

all this is out there.