MYOG: Alcohol Stove

I'm not very good at MYOG (make your own gear) projects. I look on with envy at the skills of others making tarps with beautiful catenary curves as they work away at their sewing machines. Unfortunately I lack the skills, tools and patience for such endeavors.

However, with the seasonal shutdown, and with Mrs. Backpacking North bed-ridden, I became restless and needed to do something other than eating gingerbread. Something outdoor related - but not too complicated. I remembered seeing some instructions for making a beer can alcohol stove on Backpacking Light.

I'm not particularly into alcohol stoves. Although I can see the benefits of a silent, light weight stove, I don't really like the idea of carrying liquid fuel with me. But building your own alcohol stove is something of a rite of passage, it seems, and with nothing better to do, I thought I'd give it a try, and while I'm at it, make a video of the process. The instructions I followed can be found online here.

As you'll see, I made mine using less professional tools than recommended, and switched a few of the steps around. I felt that punching jet holes would be easier before cutting the tin, for example. I didn't worry too much about neatness, but it turned out pretty well - and only weighs 6g on my scales, which by all accounts is pretty light.

Alcohol stoves are pretty inefficient in deep winter, but for quick weekend trips or overnighters in summer I might take my new little stove. I'll need to make a  pot stand and  a wind-breaker, as even the slightest breeze renders it useless.

But now, for your viewing pleasure, I present Backpacking North's first video!

Note: No eyebrows were harmed in the manufacturing process.