BushBuddy Ultra Garden Test

Another exciting little package arrived for me in the post this week:

I love that Fritz makes a little box for the BushBuddy. It's a nice little touch that makes me feel good about supporting cottage industries.

I know, I know, it's an 'unboxing' photo. If they can do it for iPads and iPhones, I can do it for the BushBuddy Ultra.

We had big storms here in Minneapolis last night, so there were plenty of twigs lying around on the paths and roads. The question was would they still be wet... We shall see... They felt reassuringly dry, at least.

It seemed I lost my LMF fire stick in Utah somewhere (or Bob stole it), which meant an entirely unnecessary trip to REI to pick up a new one, and a little stuffsack to put the soon-to-be-sooty Snow Peak 900 in.

Newly equipped with fire-making gadgets, I set about the task at hand.

Yay! Dry twigs! Oh, how new it looks. Don't worry, that'll soon change.

On with the 900.

Look at those flames! The secondary combustion of the BushBuddy really works well. Heated air is sucked into the combustion chamber, focusing the flames into a central column of fire. It's a lovely thing to observe.

I put the pot on at 15:24 aiming to time the boil, but absent-mindedly let the fire go almost out while I was snapping pretty pictures of flames.

At 15:32 I had a nice rolling boil.

So we'll call it 8-ish minutes. Pretty good.

Rather than waste the water, a nice cup of tea seemed appropriate.

I like that you can move the BushBuddy while it's alight - the base remains only warm. I didn't experience any spitting or sparks flying out, and after the fire went out I was left with just a few ashes to dispose of.

It used remarkably little wood - I had about half of what I collected left. Originally I thought collecting wood would be a bit of a drag, but now I imagine it's a quite pleasant activity do on the trail or around camp.

I'm very happy with the BushBuddy Ultra after this test - I look forward to relying on it on my next trip.