We have a flotilla of four packraft kits is available for rental from Rovaniemi, Lapland (Finland) – so if you’ve ever fancied trying out some solo rafting, or want to reach the parts other backpackers, fishermen, or outdoor adventurers cannot reach, now is your chance to do so!

All four rafts are from Alpacka - the most rugged and reliable packrafts available:

  • 1 x Alpaca (small): For heights up to 170cm, inseam up to 32” 
  • 2 x Yukon Yak (medium): For heights 170 - 190cm, inseam 32” - 34” 
  • 1 x Denali Llama (large): For height >190cm, inseam 34”+

Packrafts are rented as kits containing everything you need to head out and start exploring:

  • Packraft with backpack attachment system and inflation sack
  • Paddle (breaks down into pieces for easy packing)
  • PFD (simple kayak-style)
  • Dry Bag (35L, for use inside packs)
  • Repair kit
  • Instructions

You don’t need to go on a massive wilderness trek to enjoy packrafting – our flexible rates allow you to give it a try for a day or a weekend first.

We rent from Rovaniemi, the capital of Lapland on the arctic circle, a convenient hub for all trips north. We also deliver packraft kits by mail/matkahuolto for trips elsewhere, or if you're not passing through Rovaniemi.


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Please check availability on the calendar below before you book

For questions concerning reservations and bookings, including alternative payment methods (i.e. bank transfer), please contact us.

Please note: postal orders require a deposit of €200, so remember to add that to the order if you need it. The deposit is fully refundable on return of the undamaged packraft kit.

If you want to learn more about packrafting and find out how our rental services work, read our Packraft Rental FAQ below


What are packrafts?

Put simply, packrafts are fun!

Weighing around 2.5kg, and rolling up to the size of a small tent, they offer enormous flexibility for their size and weight. Packrafts are ideally suited to wilderness exploration; all those rivers and lakes that were previously obstacles to your hiking can be easily traversed with a packraft. All the blue windy rivers on your map now open up as potentially time-saving routes.

Packrafts are also great for fishing – they're easy to control and will help you get to those secret places where all the good fish are!

With a packraft you can easily paddle out to make camp in perfect solitude, then in the morning roll up the raft, slip it in your backpack, and continue on your way.

Or you can just take one out on a lake and enjoy yourself.

Are they safe?

Alpacka packrafts are extraordinarily stable – especially on flat water – even with a pack or other gear loaded on the front. While packrafts have been used on Class IV whitewater, we’re renting them specifically for less demanding recreational purposes such as expanding the possibilities of wilderness exploration. They’re ideal for crossing rivers and lakes, but as with any outdoor activity, especially those taking place in the wilderness, you should take the utmost care. If you take them on fast-flowing rivers you should be equipped with the necessary whitewater skills, protective headgear, and rescue items (which we do not provide). If you have any doubt about your ability to safely navigate any stretch of water, or if you’re not comfortable with swimming a stretch of water, it’s better to head to the shore and portage around it. Thankfully, because packrafts are so light, that's as easy as putting on your backpack!

Will I get wet?

All of our packrafts have spray skirts to prevent you getting completely soaked, however you will likely get wet just from getting in and out the boat, and from the occasional splash/wave/rain. Just how wet you get depends on what you are doing. We recommend at least some quick drying footwear (trail runners, water shoes, or sandals are great). Beyond that, the weather and water conditions will determine what clothing you need. We're happy to give you advice based on where you're going and what you're planning to do.

Don’t they take ages to inflate?

Not at all. Each packraft comes with a clever silnylon inflation sack. You simply screw the outlet onto the boat valve, open the sack to fill it with air, twist the top, and squeeze. It takes about ten sacks full of air to inflate the boat, and a few puffs on the mouth valve to firm it up.

However, you should always remember to temper the boat once it’s in the water. Simply splash water over the tubes. The air pressure inside the tubes will drop from the temperature differential, and the tubes will appear to deflate. This is absolutely normal but best dealt with on the shore. You just blow in the mouth valve to reinflate the raft up to the appropriate pressure.

What size is right for me?

Select a raft based on your height and inseam length. In general, your inseam length is a more accurate way of determining which raft will fit you best.

We have three sizes of Alpacka rafts:
Alpaca (small): Height up to 170cm, inseam up to 32”
Yukon Yak (medium): Height 170 - 190cm, inseam 32” - 34”
Denali Llama (large): Height >190cm, inseam 34”+


Where does my backpack go?

Each packraft has a attachment system to securely attach backpacks or other items to the top of the raft. We also provide a 35l drybag which should be used inside your pack to keep your belongings dry. If you are taking expensive electronic equipment (e.g. DSLR, iPhone etc) you would be wise to invest in a secondary, smaller drybag to keep your equipment waterproofed and safe.

What happens if I get a puncture?

Packrafts are very durable and withstand a lot of abuse. We include a repair kit and instructions with every packraft kit. This should be enough to cope with most field repairs.

Severe damage caused by inappropriate use or lack of care will be charged or deducted from your deposit.

In general, although packrafts are durable and safe, you should take as much care with them as you would any outdoor equipment, and not take unnecessary risks.

When is the best time to rent one?

In Lapland, the prime season runs from June to October. May is possible, but as many rivers are in full flood it is best suited to experienced paddlers.  In November/December there is always potential for sub-zero nights which might bring an embarrassing end to a packrafting trip.

For other countries/areas you should check local conditions before making a reservation.

How do I pick up my raft?

If you're passing through Rovaniemi, or live locally, you can pick your packraft kit up directly from us. 

We can also arrange delivery / pickup of packraft kits in the Lapland area for an additional fee.

Alternatively, we can ship the entire packraft kit to you via post. You only pay for the time you are using the raft – not the time in transit – plus postage and a deposit. For postal rentals we require a deposit for the full value of the kit. When we receive the kit back, we return your deposit minus the rental fees. Postal rentals are currently only available in Finland currenlty.

Is there a deposit?

For postal rentals we require €200 deposit.

For in-person rentals, we only require a valid form of ID.

What if I'm late back?

It is crucial that you attempt to contact us if you will be late in returning the packraft. Unapproved late returns are charged at the daily rate + 25%. 

How do I make a reservation?

Just check the calendar above and book online, or contact us for other enquiries.

Do you take credit cards?

Yes we do, online. In person we accept MasterCard and American Express. Sorry, we currently can't accept VISA in person (well, we can, but it's a bit weird, so rather than freak you out, we pretend we can't do it).