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I've been working on some new activities and offerings for Backpacking North's outfitting / guiding / photography services. Eagle-eyed readers will have spotted new tabs in the navigation bar, but here's a quick post highlighting out new range of self-guided adventures in Lapland, local tours and hikes in and around Rovaniemi, new photography for sale, and, of course, our popular packraft rental service.

First up, we now offer self-led (or self-guided) backpacking trips in Northern Lapland. These trips are designed for the experienced, independent backpacker.  We’ve planned the routes, and gathered together a collection of essential items to support your trip, but the rest is down to you. We include maps, a GPS, an emergency locator, food, and other gear to ensure you're well-equipped to handle the trip.

Our destinations include Urho Kekkonen National Park, Pallas-Yllastunturi National Park, Pyhä-Luosto National Park, and (coming soon - you heard it here first!) Muotkatunturi Wilderness Area in the far North.

We can also provide transport to and from the trail head, additional food for extra persons, and a guide if needed.

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Photography Tours (trips, tours, outfitting) from Backpacking North
Photography Tours (trips, tours, outfitting) from Backpacking North

If your interests lie more with photography, or if you are just in Rovaniemi for a flying visit, we now offer three photography tours: city, nature, and northern lights. I'll guide you around the best places to shoot in the city, or on one of Rovaniemi's trails, and help you get better results from your camera, and better photos to take home.

In winter, we also offer a special northern lights trip that takes you away from the city lights to a place where the aurora will shine brightest. I'll help you choose the right settings on your camera to get the best shots of one of Lapland's most amazing natural phenomena.

All skill levels are welcome!

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Don't forget, you can buy a limited-edition, luxurious-quality giclee prints at Original Photo Art. I've been adding a few more images recently from the summer, and all photographs are in strictly limited editions of 30 prints. Once an edition is gone, it's gone forever.

All the images are for sale over at Original Photo Art

 or on our

Etsy Storefront

Packraft Adventures (trips, tours, outfitting) from Backpacking North
Packraft Adventures (trips, tours, outfitting) from Backpacking North

Of course,

we still rent out packrafts

for your own adventures, but now we also offer introductory day-trip and overnight sessions where you can learn the basics before venturing off on your own. Try our one of these amazing, lightweight craft and expand your hiking horizons!

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