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For the dedicated ultralight backpacker, photography has always been something of a burden. But what if I told you there is a way to lighten your photographic load with only a few small sacrifices? 

The Ultralight Makeover series looked in detail at ways to transform your backpacking experience. Now we put it all together and take a look at Backpacking North's typical kit list, how much it all weighs, and how someone wanting to move towards ultralight methodologies can take their fist steps along the road to a lighter load.

A brief "wintermission" and a quick look into the future of Backpacking North, while work is frantically being done behind the scenes to complete the new website.

Last month there was a vibrant discussion (also known as "a bit of a hoo-ha") amongst the backpacking cognoscenti on twitter about  photographic authenticity (by my count, that's two oxymorons in one sentence). Rather than throwing my hat into the ring, I thought I'd talk around the issue in another recent photography update.

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